Celebrate Yiddish Culture with a Gift

Your donations to KlezCalifornia help us build a warm, vibrant, region-wide community to promote and celebrate Yiddish culture. Whatever you're able to give, a sheynem dank (our sincere thanks)! Please contact us with any questions at 415 789 7679 or info[at]klezcalifornia.org

Your donations are tax-deductible, because KlezCalifornia, Inc. is a §501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable non-profit, EIN #55-0824193. Please include your mailing address and email address so that we may acknowledge your tax-deductible donation to KlezCalifornia, whichever method you chose to give:
  • Put a donation in a pushkeh at a KlezCalifornia event.
  • Mail a check payable to KlezCalifornia, Inc., 1728 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94703
  • Contribute online. You will see option to "Donate with a debit or credit card," for which you do not need to have a PayPal account. 

or any amount:


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  • Donations for fiscally sponsored projects are tax-deductible, but are not eligible for the special benefits described below for donations to KlezCalifornia. Those projects may offer their own benefits.


Honor Wall (below). For a donation to KlezCalifornia of any amount:
  • Honor a loved one or friend with a posting on our Honor Wall. You may find this particularly fitting if the person you are honoring spoke Yiddish or liked Yiddish, or klezmer music, or had a parent who did. Please tell us the name of the person you are honoring and, if you wish, something about his or her life, OR
  • Tell others about your personal Yiddish heritage with a posting on our Honor Wall. We celebrate Yiddish culture in a participatory way, and would treasure knowing about your family experience with Yiddish.
For either of the above options, your message 
  • of up to 100 words 
  • will be on the 
  • Honor Wall for one year. Include your message 
  • on the "Purpose" line of the donation form, email to info[at]klezcalifornia.org, or enclose a note with your mailed check. You are eligible with a donation of any amount, and your donation remains fully tax-deductible.

    Semi-Annual Parties

    You and a guest will be invited to our two semi-annual parties, for food, music and singing, and conversation with the Board of Directors and other friends of KlezCalifornia. The next party is scheduled for Purim day, Sunday, March 12, 2017.

    "Thank You" Gifts 

    With a donation to KlezCalifornia of $54 or more, you may also choose one of these gifts. Please indicate which after clicking "+ Add special instructions to Seller," or in a note with your mailed check.

    • Live & Be Well, a celebration of Yiddish culture in America, by Richard F. Shepard and Vicki Gold Levi. This fascinating 192-page book describes hundreds of significant people, places, events, and ideas, from A to Z, through which Yiddish culture affected American Jewish life. First published in 1982, it was reprinted in 2000. Your tax deduction is reduced by $10.40.
    • The Oy Way, by Santa Cruz author Harvey Gotliffe. This warm and wonderful 115-page book helps you learn Yiddish expressions while engaging in meditative exercise. See theoyway.com. Your tax deduction is reduced by $14.95.
    • Yiddish Theater: A Love Story, 80-minute DVD. Shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival in 2006, this film has received rave reviews including from the Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine, and About.com  ("one of the top ten documentaries of 2007"). The film is a portrait of Zypora Spaisman, founder and grand dame of the Folksbiene Yiddish Theater, and her loving work to sustain Yiddish theater, and includes moving interviews with other living legends of the Yiddish theater. See newlovefilms.com. Your tax deduction is reduced by $24.99.

    Honor Wall

    In honor of your loved one, or friends, or your Yiddish heritage.
    See above for details.

    Howard Freedman: In honor of Veretski Pass
    (February 2017)

    Preeva Tramiel
    : In memory of Chaya Adler
    (Jan 2017) 

    Dina and Yosef Shandling: In memory of Avrohom Chaim Feldman, from his Bubby and Zaidy Shandling 
    (Jan 2017) 

    Joshua Horowitz: Yey, KlezCalifornia! 
    (Jan 2017) 

    Rivka Greenberg: In honor of Judy Kunofsky  
    (Aug 2016) 

    Talia Shaham: A great big mazl tov to our dear friends Jack and Shulamit Goldberg on both their recent 90th birthdays! Giving you thanks for supporting klezmer music and dance and bringing your energy to KlezCalifornia's events! And for being in our official video of the 2014 Yiddish Culture Festival in Palo Alto - your smiles and enthusiasm are contagious! Happy birthday! Wishing you lots more music and dance in the years ahead. (June 2016) 

    Elaine Moise and Bob Grodsky: In memory of Joseph and Lillian Grodsky. 
    (Jan 2016)

    Millie Chazin: A gift to help perpetuate Yiddish culture. 
    (Jan 2016)

    Robin Braverman: In memory of Pauline and Bundy Lang.
    (Jan 2016)

    Judy Kunofsky: In memory of Gerda Koppel, mother of Karen K. Bergen. May her memory be a blessing.
    (Jan 2016)

    Talia Shaham: In memory of Gerda Koppel, mother of Karen Bergen — KlezCalifornia Board member and dear friend. Stories of Gerda's exceptional life and strength have been inspirational. May her memory be a blessing.
    (Jan 2016)

    Rivka Greenberg:  
    In memory of Gerda Koppel, whose daughter Karen K. Bergen continues the love
    of Yiddish culture.
    (Jan 2016)