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KlezCalifornia on Spark*" KQED-TV 9

For the past 30 years, Martin Schwartz has gathered an impressive collection of rare 78 rpm records, many of them klezmer, a type of Yiddish music originating from Eastern European Jews. Inspired by this music, Schwartz met other musicians in the 1970s who shared this passion. They began learning from the old recordings and started a band called the Klezmorim, fostering a burgeoning nationwide revival of the genre. Today, Schwartz is on the Advisory Council of KlezCalifornia, which was founded in 2003 to celebrate klezmer music and Yiddish culture in the San Francisco Bay Area.

KlezCalifornia offers workshops on music, dance and singing. Participants learn the music by listening and playing back what they hear -- no written music is handed out, which is true to the way klezmer has been passed down for hundreds of years. KQED Spark* explores the klezmer revival at KlezCalifornia, shedding light on a tradition that has endured through time and hardships to prove its vitality and relevance to new generations.

View Spark segment on KlezCalifornia online.
Stream video RealMedia, Approx. 7 minutes
Original airdate  Wednesday June 27, 2007

Fantastic Family Event :: Berkeley :: December 25th!

Live music by the KlezCalifornia All-Star Band, led by Gerry Tenney, will provide the centerpiece for this Yiddish Folk Festival. The program will feature Yiddish Food, Yiddish Songs (song sheets provided), Yiddish Kibitsing and Yiddish Dance - all with personalized instruction!
2-5 pm at Congregation Netivot Shalom, 1316 University Ave., Berkeley
Contact: Robin Braverman, 925-979-1998 or [email protected]
Sponsors: Congregation Netivot Shalom, Congregation Beth El, Jewish Community Center of the East Bay, Aquarian Minyan, Kehilla Community Synagogue, Chochmat HaLev

Concert/Dance with The Red Hot Chachkas :: Santa Rosa :: May 27, 2007

The 2007 Absolute Music concert series, a program of The Jewish Community Center, Sonoma County, will wrap up the season with the emotional, contagious sounds of the popular Bay Area klezmer group The Red Hot Chachkas on May 27 at 2:00 p.m. Bruce Bierman will be leading dance. The concert is co-sponsored by KlezCalifornia, a non-profit organization promoting — and celebrating! — Yiddish culture and klezmer music.

Sunday, May 27, 2007 at 2 - 4 pm
Absolute Music at The Friedman Center, 4676 Mayette Ave., Santa Rosa
For more info & tickets, call Dena Peacock, 707-528-4222
Single tickets: $15 adults, or $12 students

Lecture/Presentation by Gabriella Safran :: April 26, 2007

"The Musical World of S. An-sky:
Yiddish Protest Songs, Russian Miners' Songs, and Children's Rhymes"

S. An-sky, author of the play, The Dybbuk, was also an ethnomusicologist who studied the Jews of the Pale of Settlement. Stanford professor Gabriella Safran and musician Michael Alpert have produced a compact disk that combines recordings of the Yiddish folk songs collected by An-sky with new performances of the music that he collected and wrote. Safran will talk about An-sky's dynamic Russian-Jewish cultural world and play selections from the CD.  KlezCalifornia is co-sponsoring this event.

Thursday, April 26, 2007 at 7:30 PM
BJE Jewish Community Library
1835 Ellis St., San Francisco 415.567.3327

Workshop with Margot Leverett :: April 19, 2007

KlezCalifornia is pleased to present a special workshop with Margot Leverett for intermediate and advanced players of all instruments, at Congregation Netivot Shalom, which is co-sponsoring the workshop. A noted klezmer clarinetist, Margot will be in the Bay Area to perform Saturday April 21 at the JCCSF with her group, The Klezmer Mountain Boys. To reserve a space in the workshop, email Gerry Tenney at <gtenney*at*> or call him at 510/465-7911.  Cost is $25.

Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 7:30 - 9:30 PM
Congregation Netivot Shalom
1316 University Ave., Berkeley