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The Youth Program for children ages 6-12 will take place Sunday and Monday, 10:00 - 11:30am and 1:15 - 4:30pm (i.e., during the adult workshop periods). Children may participate all or some of the time, but will get maximum benefit (and friendships) by coming the entire time. Any child in the program must have a parent or guardian at Congregation Etz Chayim at all times.

This is an active educational program, not babysitting, and the cost is included in the youth registration fee.
The Youth Program will be directed by Gerry Tenney, who has worked with children for more than forty years. Gerry leads the band California Klezmer and is director and music teacher of the East Bay Kindershul, the only K-8 kids’ school in the Bay Area that emphasizes Yiddish culture. He is an almost-fluent Yiddish speaker and President of KlezCalifornia's Board of Directors. Gerry will be assisted (depending on registration size) by others experienced in working with children.

Activities will include reading Yiddish stories in translation, learning some words and phrases in Yiddish, singing simple Yiddish songs, arts & crafts with guest artist Claire Sherman, Yiddish dance with live music led by Julie Egger, Kids' Klezmer Ensemble led by Julie (for those who play an instrument, but not yet well enough to join an adult ensemble), and supervised outdoor activities on Etz Chayim’s lawn (weather permitting).

Youth Program / Gerry Tenney / Sunday and Monday 10:00am

Stories, language, Yiddish singing. Yiddish dance with Julie Egger.

Arts & Crafts for all ages/ Claire Sherman / Sunday and Monday 1:15pm

The Youth Program during this time period will consist of several arts & crafts projects. You don't need to be or have a child; people of all ages are welcome to participate.

Sunday: Papercutting for All Ages: Come learn the Jewish folk art of papercutting. The amazing thing about papercutting is that you can create beautiful art work even if you don't know how to draw or "can't draw a straight line." In this class, we will cut with scissors and/or x-acto knives (for those older than ten). We will learn to make
royzlekh (circular or rose-shaped paper window decorations for the holiday of Shevuos. Royzlekh are folded so that one snip with scissors creates a mogn dovid in the center. Then we will delve into micrography, the Jewish folk art of creating pictures or patterns entirely of tiny words.

Hamsa Amulets for All Ages: We will create hamsas (hand-shaped amulets) out of thick metal foil. These foil hamsas can be embossed with a pencil, embellished with beads and then hung on a wall. Although amulets are part of Eastern European Jewish folklore, the hamsa shape comes to us from Middle Eastern Jewish tradition. Claire will have available other crafts materials for participants who finish their hamsa early.

Youth Program / Gerry Tenney / Sunday and Monday 3:00pm

Stories, language, Yiddish singing.

Kids' Klezmer Ensemble / Julie Egger / Sunday and Monday 3:00pm

If enough youth (ages 6-12) attend the Festival who are not ready to participate in any of the (regular) ensembles, we will have a special Kids' Klezmer Ensemble. When you register, please indicate the child’s age, instrument, and number of years’ playing.