Klezmer Workshops & Jams

Thanks to the support of the Alliance for California Traditional Arts, in 2017 we will hold monthly klezmer workshops and jamsEach date will generally comprise three periods, with short breaks between: 
  • Instructional workshop, including by ear (60 min.)  
  • Play-through with coaching on klezmer style with sheet music (45 min.)
  • Traditional jam without sheet music (45 min.)

Next Dates

Sunday, April 30, 2017, 2:00-5:00pm, with Cookie Segelstein 

See below to download materials for each session


$25/sliding scale for participants. Refreshments included. Listeners welcome, too!  Please RSVP to jams[at]klezcalifornia.org, and include which date/location, your name, what instrument, and any questions. We will add you to the workshops/jams mailing list for special notices. To get on this special mailing list if you cannot attend, please contact jams[at]klezcalifornia.org.

REQUIRED: mute if you are a brass player
OPTIONAL: recording device, music stand


See  About Workshops & Jams, plus Klezmer Style Links 

While playing by ear is favored, some jam leaders have also provided sheet music and/or recordings, which are
 listed by session date:
  • 4/30/2017 with Cookie Segelstein. We will play by ear. Sheet-music and sound files will be provided before AND after the session, but we will not read from it. 
  • 3/19/2017 with Josh Horowitz, We will learn pieces that are newly discovered from old sources, so there are no audio recordings. Concert and Bb versions of: Dirty Shirt Hora, Dobriden, High Moon Freylekhs, Hopinkes, Kolomeyke, Moldovan Wedding Freylekhs & Khusidl, Spare Wheat Freylekh, Ya Danah, Tips & Tricks, Cadences Download All
  • 2/26/2017 with Dmitri Gaskin, Belf's Fun der Khupe Transcription Audio
  • 11/6/2016 with David Rosenfeld, Leibowitz's Chusidl (Bb version)
  • 9/25/2016 with Jeanette Lewicki, Concert and Bb versions of Gonifs Dm Kolomeyke, Dem Gonifs Yikhes, Gonifs Glat Azoy, Grekhisher Tants, Tants a Freylekh, Gonifs Kolomeyke. Download All
  • 7/17/2016 with Dmitri Gaskin, Nisht Gezorgt