To JCCs, congregations, schools, senior homes, summer camps...

Tayereh Fraynt
(Dear Friends):

Thank you for your interest in KlezCalifornia. Since our founding in 2003, KlezCalifornia has become a lively part of the Bay Area Jewish scene. We offer exciting, participatory events, with talented and engaging artists and teachers. Thousands of people of all ages have come to our events to play music, dance, sing, act, and study Yiddish language and literature in translation. We also can provide advice on your Yiddish culture programming.

One-time or multiple-session Tastes of Yiddish Culture include:

  • Cabarets by the Bay
  • Yiddish culture festivals
  • Family evenings of Yiddish music and dance
  • Holiday songs from the Yiddish tradition
  • Learning to chant the seder’s fir kashes (“four questions”) in Yiddish
  • Dramatic readings in Yiddish/English of stories by Sholem Aleichem and others
  • Master classes with noted musicians visiting the Bay Area
  • Study of masterpieces of Yiddish literature in translation
  • Lectures on many aspects of Eastern European Jewish culture
  • Series on Yiddish film or Yiddish theater
  • Creating or coaching klezmer bands for adults, kids or multi-generations
  • ... and much more.

Please contact KlezCalifornia at [email protected], 415.789.7679, or 1728 Allston Way, Berkeley CA 94703.