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Dear ______

The KlezCalifornia Board has undergone a few changes this year. We express our thanks and acknowledge our great debt to Julie Egger for helping get KlezCalifornia off the ground as Founding President and chief organizer for many of our wonderful events so far. Julie resigned from the Board in January and is focusing her exceptional energy on her exciting klezmer band, Red Hot Chachkas. We wish her and them continued great success. Gerry Tenney is our new President. He's been leading California Klezmer, Kindershul, and other Yiddish and folk music activities for many years. His rendition of A Hard Day's Night in Yiddish has been viewed on YouTube more than 215,000 times!

Judy Kunofsky, Executive Director and co-founder of KlezCalifornia with Julie, has been Treasurer since we got started, and is overwhelmingly responsible for securing grants from four foundations (Walter & Elise Haas Fund, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund, Edgar and Geraldine Feder Foundation, and Taube Foundation for Jewish Life and Culture). We thank them all profusely for essentially underwriting most of our initial programming, anticipating sufficient help from our own participants in and enthusiasts for Yiddish-based culture.

We're delighted to welcome three new Board members, all long time participants in Yiddish culture. Singer Henry Hirsch Carrey recently returned to the Bay Area after several years in the New York Yiddish theater scene. Organizer Rachel McClung has generously contributed her ideas to nearly all Board meetings for many years and assisted with events and administration. She now chairs our Marketing Committee. Tony Phillips, KlezCalifornia's webmaster, is a member of the Steering Committee of the Jewish Music Festival, and plays klezmer with the Red Hot Chachkas.

KlezCalifornia bursting with activity!
Our new Tastes of Yiddish Culture programs --  in JCCs, schools, shuls, and private homes -- include dance parties, Yiddish sing-alongs, social events for Yiddish speakers (details in next newsletter!), dramatic short story readings in Yiddish/English, master classes with visiting klezmorim, and more. Discussions are also under way with most of the region's JCCs about one-time and ongoing programs.
As you know from our recent request for your planning advice, we are now prepared organizationally and financially (with your help?) to undertake an ambitious residential (non-commuting) program. Our survey re such events has so far elicited a large number invaluable responses. Some preliminary results follow below in this newsletter.
A few important requests:
Forward this email to a FriendPlease forward this newsletter to a friend, especially to anyone you know who may be interested in helping plan our great leap forward.  Use the link at right.

If you have not already done so, please give us the benefit of your 2 cents by taking 5 (to maybe 15) minutes of your time to complete the Residential Event Planning Survey.

If you would consider helping to underwrite a non-commuting "camp" event please let us know. Or if you know anyone else who might make such a gift, please ask them or let us know. Leave a message at 415/789-7679 or Email us at [email protected]. Donations are tax-deductible.
A groysn dank! Thanks a lot.

Yiddish Singing in San Francisco at Ner Tamid - Friday, August 22nd
Ner TamidJoin KlezCalifornia at Congregation Ner Tamid's Prayer Home Companion on Friday evening, August 22. Modeled after public radio's successful variety show with Garrison Keillor, Rabbi Moshe Levin will tell stories from Lake Won't Be Gone, a fictitious but fascinating Orthodox neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn. KlezCalifornia Board members Mitchell Shandling and Judy Kunofsky will lead Yiddish songs during an evening filled with stories, humor, and the Shabbes spirit.  A lively and contemporary music service with Cantor Rudy Hassid and musician Achi Ben Shalom begins the evening, followed by a potluck dinner (dairy/vegetarian) and Prayer Home Companion.
1250 Quintara Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
6:00 pm on Friday, August 22 for candle lighting and Kaboles Shabbes
The Freylech:  Dance Parties at the JCC - Sunday, August 31st
Bruce BiermanGet ready to stomp, shvitz and boogie down again! Join KlezCalifornia for another evening of Yiddish dancing led by master dance leader Bruce Bierman, director of Jewish Dance Theatre. The FREYLECH! starts at 7:00pm with Bruce teaching Yiddish dances and music by Kugelplex. From 8:00-10:00pm, dancing and songs of freedom performed by Gerry Tenney (well-known singer and KlezCalifornia president) in honor of Labor Day. Look forward to a slate of stellar fall productions from this ensemble. Co-presented by Jewish Dance Theatre, KlezCalifornia, JCC of the East Bay/Jewish Music Festival, and The Workman s Circle/Arbeter Ring of Northern California. For complete details, click HERE.
Sunday August 31 JCC of the East Bay
Dance lesson: 7:00-8:00pm 1414 Walnut Street
Live music/group dance: 8:00-10:00pm Berkeley, CA 94709
$10 - $20 sliding scale. Kinder (children) 12 and under: $1
Preliminary Survey Summary
1. How interested are you in a residential (non-commuting) KlezCalifornia event
near the Bay Area?

Number of Response(s)       % of Responses
Very interested                  35                               42.1%
Interested                          30                               36.1%
Neutral                              10                               12.0%
Uninterested                        5                                 6.0%
No Responses                     3                                 3.6%
Total                                  83                             100.0%

2. Which of the following event schedules most appeal to you?
Top number is the count of respondents selecting the option.
(Bottom % is percent of the total respondents selecting the option.
Very Good    Good        Neutral   Not Good
New Year's weekend away               14           18            9             31
19%         25%        13%         43%
M.L.King weekend away                   28           22           12           12
38%        30%         16%        16%
Presidents' weekend away                26           22            10           16
35%         30%        14%         22%
Memorial weekend away                  18            19           18            19
24%         26%        24%         26%
summer week away                         20            19           19            15
27%         26%        26%         21%
summer week daily commute            15            21           18           19
21%         29%        25%         26%

3. Would you prefer 3 day weekend events start Fri PM with shabos program, or Sat PM
after shabos?

Number of Response(s)    % of Responses
Fri PM                       55                           66.2%
Sat PM                      17                           20.4%
No Responses            11                           13.2%
Total                          83                          100.0%

4. Including yourself, estimate how many participants you will bring? 1       2      3      4         4+
adults         48      27     0       0        1
teens           7       1      0       0        0
kids             7       5      0       0        0

5. Will you help assure the event with a paid advance reservation?
Number of Response(s)        % of Responses
As soon as available            8                                 9.6%
6 months advance               4                                 4.8%
3 months advance              25                               30.1%
1 month advance                28                               33.7%
Will not reserve in advance   5                                 6.0%
Other                                  9                                10.8%
No Responses                     4                                  4.8%
Total                                 83                               100.0%