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Dear _____,

Yiddish dancingKlezCalifornia was created to strengthen Yiddish culture in the Bay Area. Since 2003, we have brought you Yiddish sing-alongs, master classes for musicians, Yiddish conversation salons, klezmer dancing, festivals in Berkeley, Palo Alto, West Marin and San Francisco, and soon a four-day Yiddish Culture Festival next Presidents' Day Weekend (February 12-15) in Palo Alto. Here, in the Bay Area, all of us share and get pleasure from the rich heritage of Eastern European Jewry.
The Yiddish renaissance in the Bay Area is palpable. People are engaging with Yiddish culture actively and intensely -- participating, not just watching others perform. More people are playing klezmer music and singing Yiddish songs at public events and in their homes. Dedicated and talented dancers have revived Yiddish dance, an art form almost lost, and are teaching it once again. Classes, workshops, conversation groups, clubs and conferences all contribute to filling out the menu.
Youth fiddlersTo help us get off the ground, several local Jewish foundations gave us grants. Now, it is up to us as a community to finance our own enterprise.
We are happy to consider you part of our community. Will you join us in supporting KlezCalifornia to help us continue to provide and expand our events?
Please join with our many friends in contributing as much as you can, such as what you might spend for a nice evening on the town, whether $18, $36, $54, $108, $216 or another amount. You will have the good feeling of supporting Yiddish culture here, in your own community. The benefit will return to you, your family and friends.
Please click HERE to donate with your credit card or send a check to KlezCalifornia at 1728 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94703.
Mit vareme grusn (with warm greetings),
Judy Kunofsky             Gerry Tenney
Executive Drector        President
P.S. Donations to KlezCalifornia are tax-deductible.