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2011-04b appeal


April 13, 2011


It's Spring! As we prepare for Peysakh and think about the past year and renewal, KlezCalifornia turns to our members and supporters to ask for your renewed support. Please help KlezCalifornia keep Bay Area Yiddish culture and community vibrant and thriving.

Photo by Ani Weaver,

4641, dancers with girl, Ani WeaverKlezCalifornia has had an exciting year, highlighted by our first ever Sonoma County Festival, held February 27 in Santa Rosa. Over one hundred twenty participants, young and old and from across the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, had a terrific time experiencing Yiddish culture through singing, dancing, klezmer music workshops, and Yiddish language study.


In the past year, KlezCalifornia has also put on dance parties, master music classes, Yiddish conversation salons, and more. Our colorful newsletter reaches more than 1,600 people. It's the only source of information on the full range of Yiddish-inspired musical, cultural and social activities in the region. Our directory of Yiddish cultural resources, the Gele Pages, is now in its 4th edition, and we're about to publish the 3rd edition of our Yiddish Songbook, which we'll celebrate through sing-alongs throughout the Bay Area.


KlezCalifornia will continue to offer exciting Yiddish cultural programming to enrich your life. If you receive our newsletter, you are a member. Whether you've attended our events or given in the past, we consider you part of our community, and we are turning to you for financial support. The start-up grants with which we have done so much have now run out. The likelihood of future foundation gifts will be improved substantially if we show support from our members and participants.


A gift of any amount makes you a Contributing Member of KlezCalifornia. You may post on our web Honor Wall during your contributing member years. This is a great way to honor a loved one or teacher or to write about your own Yiddish heritage.


Chai imageWe hope Contributing Members can give $54 (3 chai) or more. In appreciation for contributions at this level, we offer you a choice of gifts:

·  DVD of the wonderful 80-minute film, "Yiddish Theater: A Love Story"  

  ( or

· Eight beautiful, brightly-colored, 5"x7" music-themed greeting cards

  designed by Sonoma County Jewish artist Nina Bonos (See Music Notes

  III cards at 


Make your tax-deductible donation via credit card HERE or with a check to KlezCalifornia at  

1728 Allston Way, Berkeley 94703.


Your donations help KlezCalifornia keep klezmer and Yiddish cultural events thriving. Thank you for your generous gift and sustaining support for KlezCalifornia! A sheynem dank!


Judy Kunofsky                Gerry Tenney

Yakhet Yehudis               Gershn Yankl 

Executive Director           President