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2011-10b appeal

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photos of our festival
Does Your Money Talk? In Yiddish?  
Your money can shmues (talk) in Yiddish -- and sing, dance, and play klezmer! Frank London teaching a workshop
KlezCalifornia celebrates and promotes
Yiddish culture -- our golden heritage of language, arts and customs developed over 1,000 years of Jewish community life across Eastern Europe.  

In eight years we have produced nine Yiddish Culture Festivals and hundreds of sing-alongs, dance parties, conversation salons and lectures; published a Bay Area Yiddish resource guide and a Yiddish songbook; and we keep building our
community of thousands excited by Yiddish culture. Our next big event will be the Festival at the JCC San Francisco in February.

The support and joyful participation of people like you has been essential. 
Teach your money to talk Yiddish this Fall!  


Celebrating our accomplishments and opportunities, KlezCalifornia Board members are leading a campaign to raise $8,000 in contributions in the next seven weeks. Your financial support is essential to keep our community up and dancing and shmuesing and reading and playing! May we include your (tax-deductible) donation as we plan future events, including a full three days of Yiddish-inspired festivities next February? 

 musicians at KlezCalifornia workshop  

How to donate?  It's easy!  

  • Go to
     and click DONATE!
  • Or mail a check to KlezCalifornia at 1728 Allston Way, Berkeley 94703.

You have the power to keep klezmer and other Yiddish-inspired cultural events vibrant in the Bay Area. Please donate by November 30th!


Benefits for donors (Honor Wall, Yiddish theater video, note cards) are described HERE

. The more you give, the more we can do together. 


Nu, maybe your friends and family would like to donate also? Forward them this email by clicking the link at the bottom.      


Mit khavershaft (In friendship),


Judy Kunofsky, Executive Director, and Gerry Tenney, President

    info[at]   415.789.7679  


All photos by Dale Pearlman unless otherwise indicated.