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2011-11b events



If you love Yiddish culture, here are three terrific events tomorrow and Thursday:


WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Hear the David Grisman Andy Statman Quartet in San Francisco. Details two boxes below.  


THURSDAY MORNING: Ken Blady presents, "Bubeh Maysez: A History of the Yiddish Language" at Temple Beth Abraham, 327 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland. Tickets: $10. More info: 510.832.0936.   


Ken will discuss: 

* Antecedents of the mameh lushin: From Hebrew to Aramaic to La'az
* Evolution of the Yiddish language: Four phases
* Tzeneh u-Reneh: Yiddish midrashim for women
* Sprechen sie deutschmarish?: Moses Mendelsohn, the Maskilim, and the struggle against "jargon"
* Stalin's demolition of Yiddish and the Yiddish intelligentsia in the Soviet Union
* Hebrew - Yiddish relations in Israel
* Varieties of Yiddish accents: Poilish, Galitzyahnish, Litviss, Uhngarish, and Amerikanish Whitebread
Der bus smuked a cigar: The transmogrification of Yiddish into Yenglish
* Klal Shprakh: How academics assassinate the Yiddish language
* A knish, a khmalyeh, a zetz in di kishkis: Yiddish gangster and boxing lingo
* Khasidim and Yiddish
* Yiddish, a dying language? A prognosis.

THURSDAY EVENING: Harvey Varga presents, "100 Yiddish Words the Average Puerto Rican New Yorker Knows and You Should Be Ashamed If You Don't." Details one box below.



Calendar of upcoming Yiddish-inspired events:

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Harvey Varga in "100 Yiddish Words..."


Harvey VargaTHURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 7:00-10:00pm, 100 Yiddish Words the Average Puerto Rican New Yorker Knows and You Should Be Ashamed If You Don't, with Harvey Varga. An evening of food, fun and Yiddish presented by KlezCalifornia and Moishe House San Francisco. 

Learn how to say a variety of interesting expressions in Yiddish. Learn Yiddish expressions you can use every day in the English-speaking world.  Discover that you already know more Yiddish than you think you do!


Moishe House San Francisco (at 1250 Fell Street) will serve Puerto Rican-themed foods such as mofongo (fried plantains), black beans and rice, other delicacies, and non-alcoholic beverages. Vegetarian friendly. No charge, but bring a bottle of wine or beverage if you can, and rsvp so they know how much food to make! More info: moishehousesf[at], Dan Rader atdir483[at] To learn about Moishe House, click HERE


Community Events 

Here are more one-time events and series you may find of interest. A list of activities is always available at



Wednesday, November 16, The David Grisman Andy Statman Quartet. The klezmorim will entertain during the lunch honoring John D. Goldman (12:00-1:45pm). Then, during one of the afternoon workshop sessions (3:00-4:30pm), they will be interviewed about Jewish musical traditions and play again. These events are part of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund's Day of Philanthropy, 7:30am-8:30pm. Tickets: All day pass $275, lunch $75, workshops no charge. More


Sunday, November 20, 3:00pm, 100 Voices: A Journey Home (film) at Camera 12, San Jose, part of Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival. See description above under November 2. Followed by a performance by Cantor Devorah Felder-Levy, Rabbi Philip R. Ohriner, and Cantor Meeka Simerly. Tickets: $11-$13. More info:

Wednesday, November 30, 7:00-9:00pm, Ellis Island Old World Folk Band at Le Bateau Ivre, Berkeley. The band will demonstrate the evolution of klezmer as Jews crossed the Atlantic from the Old World to the New World. More info:
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