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2012-02b festival

      Yiddish Culture Festival 
     THIS Weekend!
      February 18-20, 2012, at the JCC San Francisco

Best Klezmer Band!
The Klez-X.jpg
Saturday Evening, 
February 18

8:00 - 10:30pm


followed by klezmer dancing led by
Steve Weintraub

Musical artistry, exuberance, theatrics, and jokes that sound better in Yiddish


22 klezmer workshops! 
musicians at KlezCalifornia workshop

Study klezmer style and technique with The Klez-X musicians! 

For individuals who have some ability and experience on their instrument.  



9 singing workshops


Learn Zmires (ShabbesSongs), songs by Manger and Gebirtig, Yiddish songs from Russia, Yiddish gangster songs and songs about Jewish girls gone bad. FREE Sing-Along Sunday 5:00-6:30pm! 


Individuals or groups of singers may present a piece for comments. Listeners welcome!  

7 Yiddish language and literature workshops  




Yiddish phrases and proverbs, history of Yiddish, study Y.L. Peretz stories, and early Jewish feminism (sort of) in Eastern Europe. 


No knowledge of Yiddish needed.  



8 workshops on
the history of Yiddish-speaking Jews 

The history of East European Jewry, history of klezmer music and the Yiddish language, encounters between Yiddish and Slavic music, Jewish and Italian music, and more... 

8 workshops for kids ages 6-12

Fun activities will include singing simple Yiddish songs, Yiddish stories 
in translation, drama, games, learning some words and phrases in 
Yiddish, and much more. 

Kids who have been playing an instrument for at least one year are welcome to participate in the Kids' Klezmer Ensemble (bring your instrument).


Open Mic Cabaret
During lunch on both Sunday and Monday.


To inquire about performing opportunity, Contact

 8 klezmer dance workshops/parties
Yiddish Culture Festival

Learn klezmer dance  



Learn many kinds of klezmer dances and even how to lead them. Learn  the sher (Jewish square dance) & how to create one on the spot. 


For kids: bottle dancing, human roulette wheel,  

and more! 

Arts and Crafts

Make art






Fabric Collage Without Sewing, for all ages:

make challah covers, matzo covers, fabric art postcards. Make Shabbes candlesticks, with lots of options.  


Yiddish Culture is back! 

Call 415.292.1233 
to buy a Festival pass or individual session tickets. 
You can also buy tickets at the door.
Workshops Shabbes afternoon are FREE! 
Yiddish Sing-Along Sunday 5:00-6:30pm is FREE!