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2012-03b support

Photo by Ani Weaver,


It's now three weeks since the KlezCalifornia Yiddish Culture Festival at JCC San Francisco. Maybe you're still glowing from the experience!

Whether you attended the entire weekend, one or more workshops, the Klez-X concert and dance party, or the Sunday evening Yiddish Sing-Along, you joined the lively, friendly community enjoying Yiddish-inspired culture. If you play klezmer music, sing or dance, speak Yiddish (or are learning), or like to think about East European Jewish life, won't you want such events to continue their exciting enrichment of local Jewish culture?                           

We can keep presenting Festival events as well as year-round dance parties, Yiddish conversation salons, sing-alongs, and master classes. We can keep publishing our newsletter, which tells you every month about all things klezmer and Yiddish in the nine-county Bay Area and beyond. With your support, we can do this and much more.

Photo by Lea Delson,, all rights reserved


When you saw (and experienced) the huge weekend program (there were fifty workshops!) -- particularly if you came to the free workshops Saturday afternoon or the free Sunday afternoon Sing-Along -- perhaps you thought KlezCalifornia is a large organization with enormous resources. Unfortunately, that is not the case. To keep doing what we do, we need a lot of help from our community: people like you!

May we count on you for a special (tax-deductible) gift right now to keep our Yiddish-inspired community thriving and growing? We hope to raise $5,000 within the next month from Festival participants, and donations of every amount help us towards this goal. 



In appreciation of your financial support, you may post a message of up to 100 words on our Honor Wall. For a gift of $54 or more, you may choose a DVD of the wonderful film, "Yiddish Theater: A Love Story," or eight brightly-colored 5" x 7" music-themed cards by Sonoma County artist Nina Bonos. 

Please donate with a credit card 
HERE or mail a check to us at 1728 Allston Way, Berkeley 94703. 

Mit varemeh grusn (with warm greetings),

Judy Kunofsky                    Gerry Tenney
Executive Director               President

P.S. Please continue to make local Yiddish-inspired culture a part of your life. Join in our events, tell your friends how much fun you have, and help maintain the good times with a tax-deductible gift.