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photos of our festival
We're not your bobeh's (or zeydeh's) nonprofit.
Or maybe we are!    
Please consider making a gift to KlezCalifornia this month. We add enjoyment to YOUR life with Yiddish-inspired culture, including wonderful klezmer music, which makes you feel so happy and energized!

When you've come to our events or read our newsletter, you've experienced friendly, heymish community enjoying Yiddish-inspired culture. With your help, we can do even more. 

We have read that people interested in Yiddish culture - even KlezCalifornia members like you -- are more likely to donate to a hospital, school or synagogue, so we want to get you in the mood: 

Support a hospital? KlezCalifornia revives your soul with music, dance, language and literature, with learning and inter-generational experiences. The best health care!

Support a college? KlezCalifornia presents and publicizes programs with great teachers who help you explore East European Jewish culture. We have "departments" of language, history, literature, music, dance, and ethnomusicology! Four hundred people enjoyed our "college" classes at the 2013 KlezCalifornia Berkeley Festival on October 26-27!

Support youth education? We have launched a new program, "Tam: Tastes of Yiddish Culture for Kids", to enrich Jewish education with Yiddish culture. We will create 40-minute activities for each grade K-12, present each three times in religious and Jewish day schools, then offer the program to all Jewish youth programs. We will bring Yiddish culture to where young Jews are, rather than continuing to hope that large numbers will find their way to us.

Support a shul? At our singing events, you can learn traditional religious songs in Yiddish or secular ones. Either way, you'll feel closer to Jewish tradition!

Because of KlezCalifornia's work the past decade, we now all enjoy a visible, thriving Yiddish-inspired community in the Bay Area, and beyond. KlezCalifornia's work has changed the old paradigms (Such as: We are "obligated" to keep Yiddish alive. Yiddish "takes away" from Jewish commitment to Israel and to Hebrew. Except for Hasidim, only secular Jews are interested in Yiddish.) into a new paradigm: Yiddish-inspired culture enhances Jewish life and brings people together for multi-generational fun. 

YOU, together with other Contributing Members, are essential to KlezCalifornia's support! KlezCalifornia relies on those with a fondness for klezmer music and Yiddish culture to sustain everything we do. May we count on you for a (tax-deductible) gift right now to keep our community thriving and growing with Yiddish inspiration? 
How to donate?  It's easy and your gift is tax-deductible! 

 musicians at KlezCalifornia workshop

Click HERE
 to donate with a credit card or mail a check to   KlezCalifornia, 1728 Allston Way, Berkeley 94703. The more you give, the more we can do together.   


Benefits for donors (parties, Honor Wall, Yiddish theater video, "TheOy Way" exercise book, beautiful note cards) are described HERE


Nu, maybe your friends and family would like to donate? Forward them this email by clicking the link at the bottom.   


If you like, think of a donation as Hanukkah/Khanikeh/Chanukah gelt for KlezCalifornia! We look forward to hearing from you.   



Mit varemeh grusn (with warm greetings),   


Judy Kunofsky, Executive Director, and Gerry Tenney, President 


Photos by Dale Pearlman unless otherwise indicated.