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2016-10 cabarets

KlezCalifornia invites you attend our two outstanding events coming soon to San Rafael and to Berkeley!
Sunday, November 20, 5:00pm 
      Osher Marin JCC, SAN RAFAEL  

Sunday, December 4, 1:00 - 7:00pm 
   1:00pm Workshops
   5:00pm Cabaret by the Bay, Berkeley, and Dance Party   
      JCC East Bay, BERKELEY

*** Two Cabarets, two different lineups! *** 
Image by Lea Delson,

Details and ticket info below or click on the links above!
Festival scholarship applications due by November 13 

Cabaret by the Bay, San Rafael
Sunday, November 20, 5:00pm

presented by
KlezCalifornia, Osher Marin JCC and 
New Yiddish Theater 

200 North San Pedro Road, San Rafael    
Cabaret by the Bay, San Rafael
, with co

  Yiddish Culture Festival 
Sunday, December 4
presented by
KlezCalifornia and JCC East Bay

Cabaret by the Bay, Berkeley 
presented by  
KlezCalifornia with 
New Yiddish Theater
1414 Walnut Street near Rose St., Berkeley 

What and Who:
This year's Festival has the theme of Radical Yiddish Culture, with nine participatory workshops, including klezmer instrumental music, singing, dancing, theater, and family activities. The Festival concludes with a Cabaret concert (back by popular demand!), with comedy, Yiddish song performance, storytelling, dancing, and more!

Lea #13, small 1.6mg: HarveyWorkshops Session 1, 1:00 - 2:30pm
  • Kids' Kumzits, Family/Youth Workshop, with Gerry Tenney 
  • Stella Adler on Angels in America, an acting class with Bruce Bierman
  • Fun Oyer tsu Hant: Ear-to-Hand Boot Camp, with Veretski Pass
  • American Jewish Radicals: the Lesser-Known Stories, with Elaine Leeder
  • Ladies Lib: Songs from Seamstresses to Suffragists, with Heather Klein

Workshops Session 2, 2:45 - 4:15pm
  • Tants! / Klezmer Dancing, with Bruce Bierman 
  • Dos Lebedikeh Lid / Turn Songs Into Lively Arrangements, with Veretski Pass
  • Yidish Klolez un Sharfeh Vitzlekh / Yiddish Curses & Stinging Witticisms, with Ken Blady
  • Radical Yiddish Songs of An-ski & Beregovski, with Gerry Tenney

Cabaret by the Bay, Berkeley, & Dance Party5:00-7:00pm  

Such a fabulous different lineup!  Featuring:  

  • Reb Irwin Keller, MC
  • Music by the Gonifs (Jeanette Lewicki, Sheldon Brown, Richard Saunders)
  • Sara Felder, performance artist 
  • Heather Klein, singer
  • Jeanette Lewicki, singer
  • Dan Wolf, spoken word artist
  • Bruce Bierman, dance leader, beginning 6:30pm
Sara Felder with Mike Perlmutter, 2015 Cabaret 
$10-$25. Festival Passes $20-$50. Kids 6-12 free with an adult.
Festival scholarship applications due by November 13.  
More details here.
  Buy tickets here.
Invite your friends via the Festival's Facebook page

Lunchtime jam, 2015 Festival, Berkeley
Last four images by Lea Delson,