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KlezCalifornia All-Stars at Yerba Buena Gardens Festival, San Francisco 2006
Stephen Saxon, Julie Egger, Gerry Tenney, Michael Arrow, Stu Brotman, Josh Horowitz


  • Tam: Tastes of Yiddish Culture for Kids
  • Newsletter KlezCalifornia's monthly email newsletters summarize news and events that we present, co-present, co-sponsor, or recommend to our community. The current issue and a complete archive of past issues are available online. Subscribe now.
  • Fiscally Sponsored Projects As a charitable §501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, KlezCalifornia provides fiscal sponsorship services for selected arts, culture, and education projects involving the Jewish community or other communities among which Jews live or have lived.
  • Geleh (Yellow) Pages KlezCalifornia's ongoing compilation of Yiddish culture resources in the Bay Area, and some nearby areas such as Sacramento, Davis, and Santa Cruz.
  • Global Resource Guide to Yiddish Music and Culture  An extensive un-annotated 2003 listing of resources for information about Yiddish culture, history, language, music, dance, etc., collected by Ari Davidow, Helen Winkler, Gerben Zaagsma, and Joshua Horowitz.
  • Khevruseh ("activity partner") Directory KlezCalifornia helps people find and connect with others who want to speak Yiddish, play klezmer music, sing Yiddish songs, read Yiddish literature, dance, etc. Access to listings is available only to those who participate.
  • Klezmer Workshops & Jams, Style Links General info about our workshops and jam sessions, including a compendium of sources of information in general and for each instrument, compiled by Jim Rebhan.
  • Want Ads Posts by and for klezmer musicians and dancers, Yiddish singers and speakers, and others in the KlezCalifornia community. 
  • Yiddish Learning Places A list of local, international and virtual places to learn Yiddish, compiled by Dorrit Geshuri and Jordan Kutzik. 


  • KlezCalifornia Songbook, third edition. Yiddish songs in transliteration, with translations. Available as PDF free, or printed for $3.00 + S/H donation from KlezCalifornia, info[at]klezcalifornia.org (415 789 7679), KlezCalifornia, 1728 Allston Way, Berkeley CA 94703
  • Lomir Zingn a Yidish Lid. Includes Yiddish songs in transliteration, full translation, and music with chords. The original publisher Kinderbukh is out of business, but available for $20.00 + S/H from Gerry Tenney, gerry[at]klezcalifornia.org (510 465 7911).
  • Pearls of Yiddish Song (“the Red Book”), compiled by Chana and Yosl Mlotek (paperback, $17.95; now on sale for $10.00 + S/H) Includes words in Yiddish, words in transliteration, full or summary translation, and music with chords. Available from The Jewish Book Center of The Workmen’s Circle (jewishbookcenter.com)
  • Mir Trogn a Gezang, The New Book of Yiddish Songs (“the Blue Book”), compiled by Chana Mlotek (paperback, $19.95 + S/H). Similar format. Ibid.
  • Songs of Generations, New Pearls of Yiddish Song (“the Purple Book”), compiled by Chana and Yosl Mlotek (paperback, $24.95 + S/H). Similar format. Ibid.
  • Yiddish Song Book, by Jerry Silverman ($19.95 + S/H). Includes words in transliteration, full translation, and music with chords. Ibid.


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  • J. — The Jewish news weekly of Northern California


Places to find Yiddish books and/or klezmer recordings, among other things:
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Yiddish & Klezmer Full Immersion Events Elsewhere

  • KlezKanada six-day residential program in late August at Laurentian Retreat, Lantier, Quebec (north-west of Montreal).
  • Yiddish New York five-day non-residential program in late December in New York City. Since 2015 a replacement for KlezKampthe annual week-long gathering in the New York Catskills from 1985 to 2014, that spurred the revival of Yiddish culture and klezmer music, and inspired our local version, as well as our name.

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