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Have you ever wanted to find someone in your area with whom to speak Yiddish, or form a Jewish book club, or play klezmer music, or just find that person you met at KlezCalifornia but whose name you can't remember? Join the KlezCalifornia Khevruseh (Activity Partners) Directory and then look for people with compatible interests — and don't forget to sign up for our Email Newsletter

To join, email relevant information to khevruseh[at] 

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Address: _______________________________
City/State/Zip: ___________________________
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Phone (Day): ____________________________
Phone (Eve): ____________________________

Seeking Khevruseh for (check all that apply):

Yiddish Language ☐ Speak  Read  Learn  Teach  

Klezmer Music ☐ Play ☐ Perform  Learn  Teach
Instrument(s): _______________________________

Yiddish Dance ☐ Dance ☐ Learn  Teach

Yiddish Song  Sing  Learn ☐ Teach ☐ Accompany Instrument(s): _______________________________

Yiddish Book Club ☐ in English ☐ in Yiddish

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For privacy, ONLY those who are themselves listed have access to the Khevruseh Directory. After you submit your information, you will get email about how to view the Directory online. (We no longer print it.) If you are already a Khevruseh member and need access information, or have any other questions, please contact khevruseh[at]