Connecting people with Yiddish culture since 2003

What does KlezCalifornia do?

Produce Cabarets, Workshops & Jams, and Conversation Salons

   > Nov.2017 Berkeley

Inform people about our own Events, and events produced by others

Read our current newsletter about local events of Yiddish culture and klezmer music, or better yet...

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Link people with Resources such as teachers, bands, classes, and each other

Teach adults and youth (Tam-for-Kids) about Yiddish culture and klezmer music

Support artists by growing audiences and providing Fiscal Sponsorships

Build inter-generational community

Celebrate Yiddish culture in many ways and settings

For whom is KlezCalifornia?

Musicians and non-musicians

Yiddish speakers and those who know only a few words of mameloshn ("the mother tongue") and want to learn

Anyone of any age who enjoys or wants to learn about Yiddish culture