Connecting people with Yiddish culture

Yiddish culture encompasses the language, music, arts, and customs of a millenium of Jewish community life across Eastern Europe. KlezCalifornia is a living resource that connects people and communities with Yiddish culture. KlezCalifornia events are for musicians and non-musicians, Yiddish speakers and those who know only a few words of mameloshn ("the mother tongue"), and anyone of any age who enjoys or wants to learn about Yiddish culture.

Nu, what's with klezmer and Yiddish in the Bay Area?

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KlezCalifornia has engaged the communities around the San Francisco Bay Area with Yiddish culture and klezmer music since 2003. We are building a vibrant regional network of individuals and families celebrating Yiddish culture. We create participatory events, mostly in collaboration with Jewish Community Centers, synagogues, schools, and other organizations, including:
  • Yiddish Culture Festival with concerts, dance parties, and participatory workshops, about once a year. 
  • Tastes of Yiddish Culture, which are shorter events such as cabarets, dances, Yiddish conversation salons, sing-alongs, and workshops, throughout the year. 
  • Tam Project for Kids providing Tastes of Yiddish Culture for young people in day schools, religious schools, and camps. 
  • Klezmer Workshops and Jam Sessions at locations around the Bay Area. 
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What happens at KlezCalifornia's Yiddish Culture Festivals?

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KlezCalifornia also provides a variety of Resources:
  • Geleh (Yellow) Pages, listings of Yiddish culture resources in the San Francisco Bay Area, including community klezmer bands, Yiddish clubs, dance leaders, choruses, lecturers, and youth programs
  • Global Resource Guide, comprehensive (though dated) reference lists for klezmer and Yiddish culture
  • Khevruseh Directory, private roster to connect people to speak Yiddish, form a Jewish book club, play klezmer music, or re-connect with other participants from our events
  • Klezmer Style Links for each instrument
  • Venues in Bay Area, info about local venues for Yiddish and klezmer events
  • Want Ads, specific listings within our community
  • Yiddish Learning Resources, a compilation
As a charitable non-profit organization, we act as a Fiscal Sponsor for selected arts, culture, and education projects consistent with our mission. 

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How can I participate?

We warmly invite you, your family, and your friends to enrich 
your lives with the unique pleasures of Yiddish culture. 
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