In honor of your loved one, or friends, or your Yiddish heritage.
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Preeva Tramiel: In memory of Chaya Adler (Jan 2017)

Dina and Yosef Shandling: In memory of Avrohom Chaim Feldman from his Bubby and Zaidy Shandling (Jan 2017)

Joshua Horowitz: Yey, KlezCalifornia! (Jan 2017)

Rivka Greenberg: In honor of Judy Kunofsky (Aug 2016)

Talia Shaham: A great big mazl tov to our dear friends Jack and Shulamit Goldberg on both their recent 90th birthdays! Giving you thanks for supporting klezmer music and dance and bringing your energy to KlezCalifornia's events! And for being in our official video of the 2014 Yiddish Culture Festival in Palo Alto - your smiles and enthusiasm are contagious! Happy birthday! Wishing you lots more music and dance in the years ahead. (June 2016)

Howard Freedman: In memory of Icek Mozes z''l, a mentsh, a deep lover of Yiddish, and a friend. He became a zeydeh this year — I can only imagine the joy and nakhes it would have brought him. (Jan 2016)

Dina and Yosef Shandling:
In honor of our grandson Avroham Chaim's upcoming bar mitzveh. (Jan 2016) 

Elaine Moise and Bob Grodsky: In memory of Joseph and Lillian Grodsky. (Jan 2016)

Millie Chazin: A gift to help perpetuate Yiddish culture. (Jan 2016)

Robin Braverman: In memory of Pauline and Bundy Lang. (Jan 2016)

Judy Kunofsky: In memory of Gerda Koppel, mother of Karen K. Bergen. May her memory be a blessing. (Jan 2016)

Talia Shaham: In memory of Gerda Koppel, mother of Karen Bergen — KlezCalifornia Board member and dear friend. Stories of Gerda's exceptional life and strength have been inspirational. May her memory be a blessing. (Dec 2015)

Rivka Greenberg: 
In memory of Gerda Koppel, whose daughter Karen K. Bergen continues the love
of Yiddish culture. (Dec 2015)

Carmen and Harvey Gotliffe: 
To honor all of our friends through the years at the Silicon Valley Holocaust Survivors Association, who taught us about the importance of preserving both the rich Yiddish culture and the beautiful Yiddish language. (Sept 2015)

Barbara Kuperstein: 
In honor of my parents Joseph and Sara Kuperstein, who were the most wonderful parents anyone could ask for.  They spoke Yiddish to me and helped me cultivate a love for this incredible language.  They taught me how to think and speak in Yiddish.  They taught me how to be a mentsh. I am thankful and grateful to them. (Sept 2015)